Friday, 18 July 2014

Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I am yet to be sold on BB Creams. Personally I find them to feel thick and heavy on my skin and look obvious. It also seems weird to me to rub it in- it looks like foundation and it's just not the done thing!
So when I got this little sample I was dubious, but gave it a go...

I put it straight on to my washed face, without moisturising as it claims to do that for you. In fact it claims to do 8-things-in-1 and I must admit it did. The colour matched my skin tone really well and made it look a lot smoother, evening out any redness and the dark circles round my eyes. You can see the coverage on my forehead before and after pictures, as I had a few lumpy bumpy bits today! It felt much lighter than other BB Creams I have tried and I'm glad I gave it a chance. I don't think I could be converted to wear it every day but may invest in this to wear under my regular powder foundation for special occasions as I found the coverage really good, and it has more benefits than a normal liquid foundation.
The price for 30ml is £7.99. This sample contained 1ml and was ample to cover my whole face. So I imagine you get approx a months use from a tube which makes it really good value.

Anyone else out there love a BB Cream, or got a better one?

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