Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Sanctuary - Mande Lular

I love Sanctuary products and am always inundated with bits and pieces for Christmas. I thought I had worked my way through them all, but during my house move lurking at the back of the cupboard was this...

The Mande Lular is not a product I have used before, generally sticking to the silky body butter which is lovely. This is described as a Sensuous Body Soufflé and is a bit thicker. It's a white cream in keeping with the other products in the line, bit doesn't seem to have that fresh Sanctuary smell the others do. It takes a bit longer to rub in and feels thicker and heavier on your skin as it absorbs, which takes a while so don't use it of your in a rush to leave the house; more as an after bath pre-bed time Sunday lounging about type indulgence. Once it had sunk it it made my skin look fresh and glowey, and left more of the familiar smell.
Has anyone else tried this? How do you think it matches up to other Sanctuary products?

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