Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Summer Tag

1. What's your favourite thing about Summer?
Longer days, warm evenings and a summer wardrobe! Being able to get up throw on a quick dress or shorts and teeshirt combo and leave the house is so easy!

2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
Pimms! What goes better with fruit!?
Also Costa have started doing an amazing Green Tea, Lime and Mint iced drink, I'm loving those at the moment!

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Always try new places- you don't get a lot of holiday time in your working year so go out and see the world! The down side of moving is that you end up with no money, so we won't be going anywhere exotic for a while! I think few days in Dorset at my grans is all we can stretch to this year!

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
I don't like to wear a lot of makeup in summer- I just end up sweating it off...cos I'm sexy like that! Just a tiny bit of waterproof pencil eyeliner on the outer corners of my eyes, a good helping of mascara and some complimentary lip colour. 

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Dresses. So easy to just choose one and throw it on.

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals. I like my toes to be free!

7.  Hair up or down for Summer?
In general, for weekends or evenings out I try and wear my hair down as it's up all week for work, but sometimes you just get too damn hot! Use some hair accessories to keep you hair cute and summery, I'm quite partial to a big bun with my daisy bun wrap like this one

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
For summer, a bold lip. I just think it looks so much brighter and fresher for sunny days!

9.  Favourite perfume for Summer?
I like a nice sweet, floral scent. I'm loving Prada Candy at the minute, or Princess Flower by Vera Wang is good too.

10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
Nothing is better for summer than classic, cheesey, laid back pop! Will Smith Summertime- as soon as you hear that you know it's officially summer! Last year's summer song was definitely Best Song Ever by 1D, it was everywhere! 


  1. Love your blog! You have a new follower, haah x