Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New Hair Day!

Today is the day, I have been counting down the days since I last left- its New Hair Day!!
I went through a phase, a long phase, of hating going to the hairdressers, the awkward conversation, staring at yourself in the mirror for ages, the cost... Anyway for about 6 years I'd been going to a home hair dresser, bit a hair disaster caused an emergency trip to the salon and now I love it!
Anyway, before we see 'new' hair, I thought I'd treat you to a bit of my Hair History...

Let's start here in 2006 when I had natural coloured hair cut just past my shoulders, layered with a sidey fringe...and me and
and Nicola wore sunglasses inside.

Sticking with natural colour, slightly longer hair and a chunky fringe.

I clearly got bored with having so much hair, so chopped half of it off, grew out the fringe and pulled dodgy faces at the beach.

I dyed it brown, but clearly wasn't sure about it at this festival!

I then went a step further and dyed it black! Sticking with the same long length and side fringe. It stayed this way for quite a few years, dying it at home and getting a trim when it needed it.

By 2011 me and the bathroom towels had had enough of the black dye and I decided to go back to blonde. I actually really like this colour; kind on a blonde-ginger ombre. The bottom colour is where my hair was dark, but where a light colour went on my natural hair it was much lighter.

It eventually turned this very light barbie blonde and saw me through many a festival, Christmas party, Halloween and wedding.

This is when the hair disaster happened- I fancied a bit of a change and wanted to try balayage style to give some extra tones to my hair, what I ended up with was orange roots and green tips! Needless to say it called for the experts and off to the salon I went.
Ending up like this! I like it and it's quite close to my natural colour... Christopher doesn't look so sure!

This was my hair this morning, as you can see it's pretty long and I love the colour but think for summer I may try to go a shade blonder....

 A few hours later...ta da! A shiny brighter, lighter blonde with no more roots! Lovely!

Anyone else had any hair disasters recently?! Or past hair horrors?! Share below!


  1. Love the new hair! You're lucky you can pull off blonde and brown - although blondes do have more fun i think. Also loving the retro pic of us - can you believe that was like 7 years ago?!? xx

    1. Thanks!
      I know! So long ago now...we were such cool kids! X