Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cor Balmy!

Since being on roaccutane a couple of year ago, and spending a lot of time outside, I'm never with out some kind of lip balm! I recently bought 2 of the Barry M Cor Balmy moisturising lip salves as an edition to my handbag essentials.

I chose the red Jam Jar colour and orangey-red Trouble and Strife.

You can see the colour around the outside and white moisturising center. The red Jam Jar colour comes out quite bright and shows up well on your lips, where Trouble and Strife is more subtle and translucent. Theyr both have great softening and conditioning qualities and smell delicious- like sweeties! During work I don't tend to wear much make up, if any, so these tinted balms make it look as if I have made some kind of effort with my face! I am official sold on them and they will remain in my hand bag for a long time yet!

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