Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Salt Spray

So, as we have learnt from previous posts my hair is straight, straight, straight and I am forever trying to give myself more volume. 
I do find that this spray works in giving my hair more texture and a bit more oomph!

I start with towel dried, shower fresh hair. 

I use the spray alllll over, loads of it, roots through the lengths and give it a quick brush through. My hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment so I clip that on and then dry my hair upside down for as long as I can stand.
I shove as much as I can in the attachment so it dries at different rates.
Result- massive hair!!

As I'm not used to having so much hair going on, I have chosen to pull the top back and secure it with some pins.
Make up done, changed and ready to go!

Has anyone else used a salt spray? How did you find it, and is there a better one on the market?


  1. I'm always trying to add volume to my straight hair, so I think that I will have to try this. Your hair looks great!


    1. Thank you, it lasts pretty well too!